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Who can benefit from custom orthotics? Well, everyone! Specifically those who are on their feet, for a large portion of the day, find a lot of relief from custom orthotics. If you have foot pain, pressure points, sore spots, joint pain, an uncomfortable heel, arch pain, even leg or knee pain when wearing shoes and on your feet, you can benefit from custom orthotics. These amazing inserts help support the bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments in your feet. 

What does an appointment look like for custom orthotics? We start by getting an exact scan of your feet. We use a 3D scanner to make sure we get every crevice and this allows it to not even be contaminated by our fingerprints! Each foot is different and unique so it’s important we capture your foot exactly as it is. There are even different materials you are able to choose from for your orthotics! Our goal is for you to have considerably less foot pain, when standing and walking. Once you are scanned, you return to our office 2 weeks later for a fitting and gait analysis. Wear them for a month and give us feedback for any modifications, which are all included in the cost. 

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