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4 Signs You Should Get Your Plantar Warts Removed Right Away

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Removal of Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can be one of the most common and persistent problems you can come across. Not only are these quite unsightly, but they also tend to pop out of nowhere. As a matter of fact, you might just start noticing the rough, grainy bumps on your feet.

Plantar warts are actually caused by the human papillomavirus, otherwise known as HPV. The virus goes in the skin through cracks, lesions, cuts, and the like in your feet. While these can certainly be annoying, these don’t pose serious health conditions. It can even go away without intervention or treatment.

In some cases, however, you might want to have your plantar warts removed for a number of reasons. Get to know the right time to reach out to your trusted foot doctor when the following cases happen.

  1. You’re Feeling Pain or Discomfort

Plantar warts don’t usually hurt, but they can be painful depending on their placement. However, when it touches on your nerve endings or some sensitive tissue, you can encounter foot pain and even nerve pain.

Apart from the placement on your feet, you can also put added pressure on these warts while walking, making them extra tender or uncomfortable.

Going to a licensed podiatrist for insight and treatment should be your next move, especially when the pain and discomfort already affect your day-to-day activities and your quality of life.

  1. These Continue Spreading

If you have already taken steps to eliminate or treat plantar warts to no avail, you may already be desperate to remove these on your feet. It’s worse when you notice that these are spreading or multiplying.

If this is the case, seeking the help of a doctor is your best bet. This way, you can determine what other treatments you can undertake to stop these wart recurrences.

  1. It’s Taking Too Long to Disappear

Most plantar warts will go away over time. This, however, can take up to two years or longer depending on each case.

If you don’t want to deal with this unsightly occurrence on your feet, having a doctor remove these instead might prove more favorable, especially since you’re also taking away the risk of plantar arts multiplying and spreading during this period.

Bleeding Plantar Warts Risk

  1. The Plantar Warts are Bleeding

If your plantar warts are bleeding or changing into a different color, this can be quite alarming as there may be an underlying condition as to why these are happening.

While you may be given advice on how to carry out proper wound care by an expert, it helps that these professionals see what type of plantar warts you are dealing with and how you can best stem these occurrences. This way, they can rule out diabetes and other similar conditions that affect your system.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can get plantar warts. Although it can go away on its own in time, consulting a podiatrist who is knowledgeable about this condition can help you get professional treatment. With this approach, you no longer have to deal with and suffer from plantar warts on your own.

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