Three Ways to Monitor and Care For Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

If you are a patient with an established history of neuropathy, diabetes, or vascular issues, you should be seeing a Podiatrist every 3 months for routine care. If you have any open wounds, you should be seen every 2 weeks. During the time between visits, here are three ways to monitor your care at home!  […]

Summertime Foot Care

It’s summertime! What adjustments do we need to make to our routine foot care that’s different from wintertime?  Along with the significant change in temperature during the hot summer months, comes a change in how we care for our feet. When it’s hot outside, there’s a huge temptation to kick off your shoes and go […]

Rolling Your Feet

What are the benefits of rolling your feet? There are many! Rolling your feet can relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve circulation. Using a ball can pinpoint areas of tension, tightness, or stress and release those areas. Some even say it can decrease your blood pressure. We like that it can relieve areas […]

Learning How to Deal with Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

Doing all of your daily activities can be quite a chore when you have to deal with chronic foot pain. One of the most common culprits for this is no other than plantar fasciitis, a foot condition that causes individuals to suffer from stabbing pain in the heel. Nerve pain in the legs and ankles […]

Benefits of Stretching

Did you know that stretching your feet can lead to increased circulation, better cardiovascular health, and improved balance? Stretching the feet and promoting better flexibility leads to having an increased range of motion. This strengthens your foot and ankle muscles, allowing them to be more stable. Stable feet lead to fewer injuries! Let’s learn more […]

4 Signs You Should Get Your Plantar Warts Removed Right Away

Removal of Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can be one of the most common and persistent problems you can come across. Not only are these quite unsightly, but they also tend to pop out of nowhere. As a matter of fact, you might just start noticing the rough, grainy bumps on your feet. Plantar warts are actually caused by the […]

Freckles and Moles

Color, size, growth. These are the three main areas to look out for when it comes to checking your freckles and moles. If you notice any changes or they fall outside the following perimeters, it may need to be examined and biopsied to rule out any skin cancers.  Let’s look closer at a cancer called […]

4 Common Foot Skin Problems and Their Treatments

Plantar Warts Cause

Many people tend to ignore foot skin problems because the issues seem to be only skin-deep (get it?). However, some issues can evolve from a tiny concern to a more serious condition. This is why you should make it a habit to consult a foot doctor regarding any issues. Whether big or small. Those who […]

What’s Causing Your Heel Pain?

Causing Heel Pain

Most people experience heel pain at some point. In fact, is a common type of foot pain. For some, it can be a temporary occurrence, but for others, the pain can persist or extend periods and re-occur from time to time. This can be quite disturbing for people who are often on their feet for […]

National Foot Health Awareness Month

What is the best way to stay aware of the health of your feet? The most important part of taking care of your feet is to keep your eyes on them! Occasionally checking between your toes and looking under your feet for any abnormalities is very important. You never know when a new freckle, wound, […]