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Foot Care for Seniors: Learn How to Prevent Common Foot Problems

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Prevent Common Foot Problems of Seniors

As we age, it cannot be denied that our feet take the brunt of the work. Over time, it carries not only a heavier weight, but also tends to become flatter and wider, making the feet more susceptible to pain and injury. A foot doctor Baltimore MD can help improve your quality of life and address foot-related concerns.

Older adults need a more proactive foot care practice to ensure their mobility and well-being. For those who are caring for a senior or who are older aged adults themselves, understanding how to care for your feet is imperative for leading a happy and healthy life. Here’s how you can take care of your feet better.

Common Foot Problems

Common Foot Problems in Older-Aged Individuals

  • Joint Pain

Foot pain is one of the common problems of seniors and these usually stem from joint pain or arthritis. Other common problems that can give foot pain include plantar fasciitis and even hammertoes.

This can be problematic for seniors who love to walk and get their exercise in as this can prevent them from doing their normal activities, thereby affecting their everyday life.

  • Bunion Formation

There are some types of arthritis that lead older aged individuals to form bunions on their feet. Meanwhile, some are simply genetically predisposed to developing this food condition. Individuals who wear ill-fitting footwear are likewise prone to developing bunions in their old age.

  • Diabetic Neuropathy

Elderly individuals who are living with diabetes often suffer from diabetic neuropathy. This condition results in patients having not only nerve pain, but also damaged nerve endings. This can lead to less sensitivity in their feet, making them susceptible to more complications.

Moreover, diabetic neuropathy can also lead to muscle weakness and foot pain. At times, seniors may also experience increased dryness in their feet, which can cause itching and even lead their skin to break and get infected.

Prevent These Foot Issues with These Tips

Practice Proper Foot Hygiene

Keeping your feet clean is one of the best ways to keep your feet from these common foot problems. Seniors who only wash or clean their bodies a few times a week are susceptible to developing infections, which is why practicing proper foot hygiene and keeping their feet clean is imperative. This can prevent a host of problems, such as bacterial or fungal infections.

Washing your feet with warm soapy water, as well as getting in between the toes, will do wonders. Drying this afterward and keeping it moisturized is equally important as well.

In relation to this, it’s worth noting that regular foot inspections should be undertaken as well. Seniors or caretakers should take the time to examine their feet every day to see if there are developing sores or infections.

Do Foot Stretches and Exercises

As individuals age, they may lose some mobility and movement in their feet, making it difficult for them to walk or do daily activities. Prevent this by keeping seniors or yourself active. Not only will you become stronger, but you can also promote foot flexibility and keep foot pain at bay.

Consult a Foot Doctor

Seek Professional Help

Seniors need professional help from a podiatrist who can oversee any foot problems they may have. If you have been experiencing persistent foot pain, nerve pain, or even form bunions, don’t hesitate to contact a foot doctor Baltimore MD near you.

These experts can provide you with expert care and guidance in taking care of your feet. They can recommend ways to address foot pain and improve your quality of life.

The Bottom Line

Taking a proactive stance in senior foot care is essential in preventing common foot problems from developing. With these tips, you can reduce the risk of foot issues and take charge of your foot health.

If you are a senior or know someone in need of a reliable podiatrist, feel free to reach out to a foot doctor Baltimore MD.

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