A Guide to Regenerative Medicine

About Regenerative Medicine

It would sound like a sci-fi concept to think that we might produce replacement organs to heal human diseases. This is what researchers want to accomplish with regenerative approaches. Though still in its infancy, the field of regenerative medicine is already experiencing rapid growth. Let’s dig deeper into this here. What is Regenerative Medicine To […]

Five Star Reviewed Podiatrist

We have been working hard to be your go-to Podiatrist here in Howard County, Maryland since opening at the end of September, 2021. Dr. Christina Bui had a vision to provide the best specialty foot care in this area and we are achieving that dream! After being open now for over 8 months, we thought […]

Exercise Could Improve Your Work Day and Your Mood

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We were featured in The Business Monthly. Read what they had to say below: Exercise could improve your work day and your mood. “Dr. Christina Bui, who practices at Howard County Foot and Ankle, said that exercise is a way to prevent aches and pains down the road. “I […]


Who loves wearing slippers? Or house shoes? Or moccasins? Whatever you choose to call them, many people enjoy warming up their feet, or simply not walking around barefoot, by wearing a pair of slippers. Do we recommend doing this? Yes! However, finding the right pair can be tricky and you might need to try a […]

Common Dancing Injuries

The foot pain that envelops the dancing community is quite unfortunate. Many dancers joke about how many issues their feet have or how unsightly their feet can be. Between blisters, black toenails, and arch pain, when do you know it’s time to visit a podiatrist? Let’s dive deeper. One of the most common causes for […]

Common Injuries Among Runners

What is a major cause of foot pain among runners? Plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common injuries in the running world. It’s an inflammation that occurs in the bottom of the foot and feels very sharp and tight. Custom orthotics can help but most of the time, you will need a […]

Sweaty Feet

Sweating is a normal process of the body that allows excess water and salt to be removed, while also keeping the skin moist in order to cool itself off. HOWEVER, if your feet are sweating to the point that it ruins your shoes, or you are noticing damp footprints when you walk, you may have […]

Plantar Warts

Foot pain can be commonly caused by plantar warts. You know what the average wart is, but what is a PLANTAR wart? Plantar warts are warts typically located on the heel and other weight bearing surfaces of the feet. Due to this constant pressure of standing and walking on these warts, they often move inward. […]

Custom Orthotics

Who can benefit from custom orthotics? Well, everyone! Specifically those who are on their feet, for a large portion of the day, find a lot of relief from custom orthotics. If you have foot pain, pressure points, sore spots, joint pain, an uncomfortable heel, arch pain, even leg or knee pain when wearing shoes and […]

Taking Your Shoes Off In Airport Security

What can you pick up through airport security that might follow you to your next destination? You’d be surprised! The fungus present in Athlete’s Foot can be transferred to your bare feet if someone has recently walked through with this fungal infection present, as it can be highly contagious. Athlete’s Foot may cause an intense […]