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Taking Your Shoes Off In Airport Security

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What can you pick up through airport security that might follow you to your next destination? You’d be surprised! The fungus present in Athlete’s Foot can be transferred to your bare feet if someone has recently walked through with this fungal infection present, as it can be highly contagious. Athlete’s Foot may cause an intense itching, burning or stinging of the skin. It can appear as a red, scaly, flaky area as well. Socks don’t always protect you from this fungus but it can create a good barrier. Although this next virus being picked up on an airport floor is more rare, it is still a possibility. HPV. If you have cuts or open wounds on the skin, this virus can be transmitted and warts can appear. Take precautions! There are also a wide variety of bacteria that can be picked up while walking through airport security. MRSA is probably the scariest, as it can create a host of other problems. Airport security is an area where there is high traffic and often times people are barefoot. Read on to find out how to prevent these infections from being transferred. 

Here are our tips on how to get through airport security without a new fungal infection, virus, bacteria, or other contagion in tow:  Have low profile, slip on socks ready! Do not go in flip flops or sandals. We even recommend having a pair of socks specifically used for walking through and a SEPARATE pair to change into afterwards so they don’t slip right back into your shoes, dirty and already exposed. You can wash them in a separate load if you’re really concerned. Another idea is to carry hand sanitizer to wipe your feet off afterwards, if you are particularly prone to fungal infections. 

It is very important to wear a barrier between your feet and the ground if you have any open cuts or wounds, blisters or cracks on the bottom of your feet. Patients with diabetes are particularly susceptible as often times they are unaware of cuts or open wounds. However, you don’t need to have cuts or wounds to pick up fungal infections. Check your feet daily!

Are you concerned that you might have a foot fungus present or other area of concern? Call or email us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bui.

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