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Who loves wearing slippers? Or house shoes? Or moccasins? Whatever you choose to call them, many people enjoy warming up their feet, or simply not walking around barefoot, by wearing a pair of slippers. Do we recommend doing this? Yes! However, finding the right pair can be tricky and you might need to try a few out before finding your “sole” mate. Patients with neuropathy are encouraged to wear slippers around the house to avoid unnecessary injuries. If you have pain when walking barefoot, chances are, you too would benefit from a pair of slippers at home. 

Here are a few tips to ensure you make the right decision.  Ideally, you’d find a pair with arch support, although these are hard to come by. Depending on your circumstances, it may be best to have a pair that has both closed toe and a closed heel to make it easier to walk in. You don’t want them to be too loose so they don’t make you trip but obviously, you still want them to be comfortable. Many are made with synthetic materials that don’t allow your skin to breathe properly, so looking at the material is also important. Cotton is our number one choice for the inside of the shoe. Lastly, finding a slipper with a rubber sole is a good idea so they aren’t too slick while walking around inside. 

We hope you found this information helpful! Do you have any questions? Email us at with any comments or questions, we’d love to help!

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