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Common Injuries Among Runners

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What is a major cause of foot pain among runners? Plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common injuries in the running world. It’s an inflammation that occurs in the bottom of the foot and feels very sharp and tight. Custom orthotics can help but most of the time, you will need a more permanent solution. This is due to the source of the problem being overworked muscles in the foot. If you are struggling with plantar fasciitis or any sharp pains on the bottom of your feet, call or email us to make an appointment so we can help make your time running pain free! 

Achilles Tendinitis is another common area of inflammation we see with runners. Often times, pain that is felt at the bottom of the leg is actually stemming from a problem in the foot. In this case, the tendon that is attached at the heel, the Achilles tendon, is the issue. The pain felt from Achilles Tendinitis can be sharp and severe. It can also cause swelling near the heel. Between your pain and your first appointment with Dr. Bui, you can ice, rest, and stretch this area to help ease your symptoms. 

What’s the best way to prevent these problems from happening? Proper fitting shoes! Choose wisely the type of shoe that will work best for you. Our friends at Feet First Sports specialize in creating a customized experience to help you find the best shoe and fit for you. Another thing to take into consideration is getting custom orthotics. Orthotics you can buy in the store are often not going to be exactly what your foot needs. Every foot has a different shape and every arch has a different depth to it. It’s important to come to us for a 3D scan so your custom orthotics are exactly what your foot will need. Stretch before and after runs to help prevent unnecessary injury and don’t wait to see a specialist! 

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