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Foot pain can be commonly caused by plantar warts. You know what the average wart is, but what is a PLANTAR wart? Plantar warts are warts typically located on the heel and other weight bearing surfaces of the feet. Due to this constant pressure of standing and walking on these warts, they often move inward. OUCH! After moving inward, a layer of skin can develop on top, making them difficult to access. Another not so pleasant detail about plantar warts is that they are contagious! They can be spread easily in public spaces like gym showers, pools, bathrooms at your home, and even walking barefoot through airport security (we have another blog about this, if you want to know more). 

What can we do about these pesky warts?? At Howard County Foot and Ankle, we have a breakthrough treatment for plantar warts, called Swift Therapy! Your wart free journey begins here! With Swift, it is a quick and clean treatment. There are no bandages or at home care, no patient downtime, no anaesthetic, and clinically proven results! The picture above is from just ONE treatment! 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our talented Dr. Christina Bui so you can be one step closer to eliminating your foot pain! 

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