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Exercise Could Improve Your Work Day and Your Mood

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We were featured in The Business Monthly. Read what they had to say below:

Exercise could improve your work day and your mood.

“Dr. Christina Bui, who practices at Howard County Foot and Ankle, said that exercise is a way to prevent aches and pains down the road. “I always remind my patients to stretch before and after exercising,” she said. “Not only is exercise good for cardiovascular health, but it is also an essential part of preventing diseases such as diabetes by helping to lower glucose levels.”

Bui added that regular exercise will condition your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to become stronger. “Also, I caution my patients to make sure to slowly ramp up their level of activity to avoid overuse injury,” she said.

Bui also tries to encourage patients to check in with their mental health as well during a recovery process — and seek help if needed. “Surgery preparation for me involves making sure a patient has a good support system at home while they recover. We incorporate regular post-operative check-ins with me so I can assess how they are doing both physically and mentally,” she said. “Ultimately, patients who keep a positive mindset tend to also have greater resiliency as they overcome their recovery process from surgery or from a non-surgical injury.”

The most common workplace injury Bui sees currently is plantar fasciitis. “Patients are taking on new routines as we transition back and forth between working from home and working in the office,” she said. “This involves a lot of walking barefoot on hardwood floors or buying new shoes they need to break in.’”

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