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Good Foot Massage Techniques: Tips From a Podiatrist

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Did you know that a foot massage can improve blood circulation and decrease swelling? So many people suffer from poor circulation due to several underlying conditions. Getting a foot massage aids in joint mobility, releases endorphins, and strengthens intrinsic muscles. Grab a partner and follow the tips below to get started improving your health! 


Avoid applying too much pressure when giving a foot massage. Some areas are more sensitive than others. Using your thumbs and applying light pressure in a circular motion is a great way to start. You can start from the big toe and move toward the outside of the foot. Adding lotion can be a wonderful addition to your massage. Lotion can help move your thumb and fingers more gracefully along the feet and it’s always great to add moisture to the skin. As you come across each bone of the foot, apply light pressure, while continuing the circular motion. 

The arch of the foot is often the most sensitive, apply very light pressure to this area. It is often better tolerated if you move your thumb towards the outer edge of the foot back and forth, rather than massaging vertically towards the heel. 

The heel is thick and can withstand more pressure than other areas of the foot. You can even use your knuckles to massage the heel if your partner is comfortable. Although the heel is tough, the Achilles tendon is not. The Achilles tendon extends up the back of the heel towards the calf muscle. Be very gentile around this area. 

Finish the massage with some vertical motions up the calf and you or your partner will be completely relaxed! Even just five minutes spent massaging each foot is plenty for you to receive all the health benefits from a good foot massage. 

Did you notice any areas that were particularly sore during your massage? That area might need more attention. Give our office a call to schedule an evaluation with our caring and qualified Dr. Christina Bui!

At Howard County Foot and Ankle, we treat everything from warts and ingrown toenails to flatfeet and heel pain. Many people come to us for diabetic foot care or simply because they have foot pain or ankle pain and don’t know the cause of it. We handle emergencies such as fractures and infections as well. Dr. Bui performs a wide variety of surgeries and specializes in reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle. You won’t find a better foot doctor than our highly skilled and highly qualified, Dr. Christina Bui! Call or email us to ask any questions you might have. We would love to be your go-to Podiatrist!

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