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What do unhealthy feet look like? If your feet hurt, does that mean they are “unhealthy?” Are they unhealthy if you have discolored areas on your skin? What if they are itchy? Do your toenails change colors or are they getting thicker?


Do this with me right now. Look at your feet at every angle. Do you have white or purple areas on your skin? Are your nails misshapen, thickening, yellowing or is the skin around them becoming itchy or sore? Have you seen any sores, ulcers, wounds, or cuts that are not healing? Is there an area or bone protruding that looks abnormal? Now check between your toes. Do you notice any dark spots, moles or freckles? If you see any new dark spots on your feet, contact your dermatologist or call our office. Next, feel your feet. Do you notice any signs of swelling? Pay close attention to each area you touch, is anything numb? Is there an area that’s sore? ALL of these things are warning signs. Not only can each of these issues be a problem for your foot, they can also be telling you something about your overall health. You may have an undiagnosed medical condition that needs attention. 


Contrary to popular belief, it is ok for your feet to be very dry and still be healthy. If you have dry skin, make sure you are checking for cracks that are so deep they are creating sores. Also, ensure your dry feet are simply dry and not flaking. You can moisturize your feet with lotions and oils. Cover your feet with socks afterwards to prevent falls and to help hold in the moisture. When you have healthy feet, you are trimming your nails regularly and cleaning your feet regularly. If you leave toenail polish on and never give your nails a break from those chemicals and barriers, chances are your toes are not the healthiest. Tell yourself it’s ok to get a pedicure (from a nail salon using sterile instruments) and not get your toenails painted every single time, not even clear polish. Another way to show your feet some love and ensure their health is to wear supportive, breathable shoes. At our office, we can provide you with custom orthotics. Custom orthotics provide support and stability for each area of your foot, especially the arch. We 3D scan your feet to have the perfect match made. 

At Howard County Foot and Ankle, we treat everything from warts and ingrown toenails to flatfeet and heel pain. Many people come to us for diabetic foot care or simply because they have foot pain or ankle pain and don’t know the cause of it. We handle emergencies such as fractures and infections as well. Dr. Bui performs a wide variety of surgeries and specializes in reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle. You won’t find a better foot doctor than our highly skilled and highly qualified, Dr. Christina Bui! Call or email us to ask any questions you might have. We would love to be your go-to Podiatrist and help you have the healthiest feet possible!

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