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Learn How Sandals Could be Causing Your Foot Pain

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The hot and humid months definitely spell sandal season for many people. After all, sandals and flip-flops are a great way to air out your feet and get them the much-needed sun they need. However fun this footwear may seem, it’s not unusual for sandals to cause foot pain.

If you are fond of this particular type of footwear during the warmer months, learn why you may be experiencing increased foot pain. At the same time, get to know how you can choose the right one for your needs without sacrificing your personal style.

Why Sandals are Bad for Your Feet

  • Flatness Could Lead to Foot Pain

Sandals and flip-flops are typically made flat and thin. Without the proper support and shock absorption, especially when the footwear comes in contact with the ground as you walk, your feet could be under a lot of pain and stress. Using sandals without support could lead to foot and nerve pain, some of which could affect your feet’s health long-term.

  • Affect Posture

Many people opt for flats thinking it can help address their posture problems. However, unbeknownst to them, the lack of arch support, as well as the flat design of the sandals themselves, are a recipe for disaster, especially when you have to curl your toes or foot to keep the sandals on.

Besides incurring foot pain, your body alignment could be disrupted as well. The feet, ankles, knees, and hips are all connected with one another. If there are no cushions or supportive mechanisms to address shock, this can give way to hip and pelvic muscle weaknesses, as well as spinal stress and discomfort, affecting your overall posture.

  • Inadequate Protection

Sandals are designed to help air out your feet and with your feet out in the open, this leaves it quite vulnerable to various elements. For one, your feet can easily be stabbed by pointy objects on the road.

This inadequate protection and coverage likewise increase the risk for infections. Your feet can become cracked and dry from being exposed to the heat, as well as gain calluses from rubbing from one another. Dirt and bacteria may also go into your skin.

Enjoy Sandals with These Tips

Foot Pain using sandals

You can still wear sandals and enjoy being pain-free while you’re at it. Get the best of both worlds here with these tips.

  1. Find a Supportive Style and Fit

Flat sandals may look appealing, but your feet will thank you for it when you find sandals that have a bit of support and cushion. All of these work together to provide your feet with better protection and shock absorption when walking.

To remedy this, you might want to opt for sandals that are not only well-fitting but also supportive and have some upholstery to them. At the same time, some straps that can hold your feet in place will work wonders for your foot pain and posture. This will prevent you from clawing your foot just to hold your sandals in place.

  1. Opt for a Cupped Heel

Sandals are known to be flat, but a bit of heel won’t hurt, too. In fact, it’ll work best in your favor. This gives you some sort of barrier against the road or pavement, preventing your feet from absorbing all the shock.

Not to mention, a bit of cupped heel with add more support and stability to your step, giving you more confidence to walk on the ground without fear of tripping or slipping.

  1. Use Orthotics if You Must

Not all sandals are made equal. If you still find yourself with some foot pain, you might need orthotics. Go to your trusted foot doctor and they can recommend or even customize shoes or orthotics designed specifically for your feet and sandals.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy sandals and flip-flops during sandal season. With these tips, you can finally let your feet out and still wander in style while keeping foot pain at bay.

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