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What to Avoid If You Have an Ankle Injury

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Injuries are common when accidents happen. The thing is, anyone can be involved in an accident, whether you are driving a car or an athlete going on foot. One of the most common types of injury that you can encounter is an ankle injury, which is caused by damage to the ankle joint structure.

Your ankle can get injured whether you are an athlete or an average person. What it takes is an accident to happen, such as trips and falls. If you have an ankle injury, there are some things you should avoid doing. Check out the most essential ones.

Avoid Pressure on Ankle Injury

  • Don’t Put Pressure on It

The most important thing to avoid is putting pressure on your injured ankle. Remember, its joint structure sustained damage, which can cause pain due to pressure. The best way is to refrain from relying on it when standing or walking, and instead use canes or crutches for support.

While you are at it, you might as well refrain from moving the joint while healing. Movements like rotating can botch the healing process. This is why doctors often put your foot in a cast or require the use of ankle braces to keep the joint in place.

  • Don’t Neglect Any Unusual Swelling

Because it is an injury, it is normal for your ankle to swell. However, if you notice that it is still painful and swollen even after 48 hours, you should take immediate action by calling your doctor. This can have a deeper issue that needs immediate treatment.

Other signs you should not ignore are fever, redness, warmth around the area, or weakness. This can be due to a blood clot that formed because of the injury.

  • Don’t Ignore Color Changes

If you notice that your foot has been looking bluish, complete with numbness and a tingling sensation, you should also call your podiatrist because this can mean that the blood circulation to your foot was cut off because of the injury.

You should also watch out for signs of coldness because this is also a signal that your foot is not getting the blood it needs.

Treat Ankle Injury

  • Don’t Self-Treat if You Have Other Medical Conditions

In some cases, an ankle injury such as a sprain can be a minor encounter, which can be self-treated by resting, icing, compressing, and elevating the affected foot. This can work in many instances, but what you should know is that some medical conditions can make it dangerous to self-treat.

Your best bet is to consult your foot doctor before icing your ankle if you have diabetes or vascular issues. This way, they can give the right advice and help treat your injury more effectively.

The Bottom Line

An ankle injury may seem like a simple thing, but in reality, it can turn into a more serious condition if not addressed properly. If you experience any type of trauma to your ankle, the best move is to consult a foot doctor who can give you the right treatment plan including medications.

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