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What to Expect When Recovering from Foot Surgery

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Recovering from Foot Surgery

Some foot problems like plantar fasciitis and severe bunions are just difficult to deal with even after exhausting non-invasive solutions. Because of this, your podiatrist might recommend foot surgery to help fix your these issues.

The thing is, recovery can be a harsh period for many people because of the limitations it sets. This is especially true if you live alone.

Preparation is key to minimizing issues while you heal. To do this, you should know what to expect when recovering from foot surgery. Here’s what you need to learn.

After Foot Surgery

Things You Should Anticipate After Foot Surgery

  • No Footwear for a Few Weeks

Another thing you should remember is that you will not be able to wear any kind of footwear during your recovery. So, say goodbye to your favorite shoes or slip-ons, at least for a few weeks.

This is because the surgery can cause swelling, so the affected area will feel tender. Wearing footwear can cause pain and damage. Plus, there is a possibility that you would be wearing a cast, so you would not even be able to slip into your shoes.

The best thing to do is to minimize movement and try to elevate your foot. This helps keep pressure off of the body part and reduces the possibility of doing more damage.

  • Discipline with Medication and Diet

Lastly, keep in mind that you will experience pain after foot surgery and may need to take pain medication. Make sure to take them properly. That is, you should take only the prescribed dosage at the right time.

What you need to know is that some of these medications can cause temporary changes in your bowels. They are commonly associated with constipation. So, while you can resume your normal diet, you might want to eat more fiber and drink more fluids.

Getting more fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other important nutrients is a great way to help your digestive system. If you are having difficulties with your bowel movement, make sure to contact your doctor.

  • Limited Mobility

The most important limitation that comes after foot surgery has to do with mobility, particularly because people typically move around using their feet.

Mobility Limitation

Because the procedure can take out the use of one foot or both feet, you need should expect huge changes in the way you do daily tasks like household chores and work. You will also need to restrict your activities outdoors and stay home instead.

You might want to get ahead on your tasks or activities before undergoing the surgery. Make sure to keep your house clean before the procedure, so you would not have to deal with the mess after. Better yet, you should consider getting help from family or hiring someone to do the work.

The Bottom Line

Foot surgery is not the first thing your podiatrist will recommend, but if you do need one, you need to be prepared to deal with the after-care. Now that you know what to expect, you can undergo the procedure with minimize worries and be on your way toward smooth healing.

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