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3 Ways You Can Steer Clear of Pedicure Infections

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Steer Clear of Pedicure Infections

Getting a pedicure is one of the best things you can do to pamper yourself, especially after a long week. This ensures that your nails and feet remain in good condition and help you eliminate calluses that have formed on your feet over time.

Although a pedicure can be a relaxing activity, it can also pose problems for your feet and even become a health hazard. At times, going to a nail salon can wreak havoc on your feet, leaving you to deal with pedicure infections or even wounds.

To keep your toes and feet safe, below are some tips that might be of help. Who knows, you might just leave the salon infection-free.

Pedicure Session

Don’t Shave Before Going to Your Pedicure Session

Shaving leaves your skin with micro cuts or tears and this can let dirt and bacteria enter your legs. Apart from shaving, you should also steer clear from using hair removal creams or waxes before your pedicure appointment at the nail salon.

Find Licensed Salons and Technicians

There’s no shame in being too cautious, which is why it’s often recommended to find nail salons that have licensed technicians that work there as well. Make sure that the business license can be seen visibly in the salon. You can even ask if the technicians have obtained their license to operate in the state.

Use Sanitized Tools

While this may feel invasive, it’s imperative that you know how your go-to nail salon sterilizes the tools they use. Nail hygiene is important, these are the tools they’ll be using on your toes and feet.

Your nail salon should have your feet health in mind. They should disinfect and sanitize all the tools with a process that uses autoclaving, requiring them to put the tools under pressurized steam. These should likewise be treated with a hospital-grade disinfectant in between uses.

Look Out for Signs of Infection

If you suspect that you have developed a fungal nail infection or have been experiencing persistent foot pain, below are some signs you might want to look out for so that you can get foot care at the onset.

  • Open Cuts and Wounds

There are times when you can get small cuts or wounds from having a pedicure. This can be worsened by putting your feet inside the bowls, especially when these aren’t properly cleaned or sanitized, as bacteria can get into them.

  • Redness and Swelling

Another tell-tale sign that your foot is infected is redness and swelling. You may notice your foot or toe feeling warmer than usual.

Getting a Pedicure

People with diabetes should take special care and attention when getting a pedicure. They are more susceptible to getting infections and even nerve pain from their condition, making it more challenging to fight off infections.

  • Pus

If you notice foot blisters or sores that have a whitish or yellowish color to them, this may point to the formation of a pus. Don’t let this fester since this can make your toes and feet in danger.

Final Thoughts

Getting a pedicure should be a relaxing experience that you enjoy. With these steps, you can reduce the risk of getting an infection.

In the unfortunate event you do get a foot infection and need immediate wound care and treatment, seeking the help of a reliable podiatrist can let you stop the infection in its tracks. If you see any signs of these infections, make sure to call your doctor for treatment right away.

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