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High Heels and How These Could Contribute to Foot Pain

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High Heels Contribute to Foot Pain

The holiday season is all about gatherings and festivities left and right. This is the season when many people switch their sneakers to high heels, whether it’s boots, slingbacks, and stilettos, among many others. While these heels definitely add height, they can also be a cause of foot pain and even do a number on your ankles and body.

Numerous people think that pain is beauty and this shouldn’t be the case, not when it can wreak havoc on your feet and body. Get to know how these beauties could lead you to see a foot doctor in the future.

High Heels Affect Your Feet

Ways High Heels Can Affect Your Feet

  • It Can Cause Heel and Arch Pain

High heels have the tendency to put your feet in an unnatural position, putting the foot in a downward position. This inadvertently puts a strain on the arches of your feet, leading you to encounter pain over time even when you’re walking or standing barefoot or using flat shoes.

In addition to this, your heel bone can also suffer in the long run, and wearing these types of shoes may put additional pressure on your heels. This could eventually lead to forming or suffering from plantar fasciitis or experiencing nerve pain, especially when you wear high heels quite often as this causes your Achilles tendon to shorten,

  • You Could Encounter Toe Injuries and Deformities

There are high heels that are designed in such a way that it narrows and tapers down in the front and this forces your toes into yet another unnatural position into a V shape. This can cause foot and toe deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, and ingrown toenails.

Bunions get larger over time and this can make your big toe turn towards or even on top of its adjacent toe. Corns and calluses can likewise form on your toes when a significant amount of stress is placed on the joints. These pointy-toed high-heeled shoes may also cause nerve conditions such as neuroma.

  • Getting Your Ankle Sprained

High heels aren’t your norm and this can put your feet high up. This makes your feet prone to ankle sprains and injuries as this can place your feet in an unstable height and position. Since these types of shoes can make it more challenging to walk normally, your attempt of gaining balance might lead you to shift your weight and twist your ankles.

When It’s Finally Time to See a Doctor

Wearing high heels is part of looking good, especially during events.  If you want to continue wearing high heels, you should take the time to consult a doctor to ensure that your feet are in their prime condition.

As professionals, your doctor will tell you about the proper care you should take when it comes to wearing high heels. Moreover, if you encounter nerve and even bunion problems, they can perform bunion surgery, including minimally invasive bunion surgery and even nerve surgery in the lower extremity.

Pain Wearing High Heels

Final Thoughts

If you are suffering foot pain from wearing high heels, don’t hesitate to call podiatrists here at Howard County Foot & Ankle clinic. We have foot doctors who are more than happy to sort out the pain and discomfort you’re feeling.

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